Beovision 7, no aerial, need to see the Queen’s Funeral. Help!

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      Thank you everyone for your help in setting up my gifted Beovision 7 mk II. Now I have the correct soundbar lead I am using it for DVDS and CDs and the sound is absolutely superb! (Sorry, neighbours)

      My latest dilemma. I don’t have an exterior aerial connection so bought a box aerial, which doesn’t seem to be picking anything up as I go through auto tune and manual tune. (I may be doing something wrong).

      If I bought a firestick or freeview box would this help? Complications: I tested covid positive this evening and need mail order as I will be isolating (though I’m on London so Amazon etc available), plus I would very much like to be able to tune into our Queen’s funeral in a few days’ time.

      Thanks for any pearls of wisdom you can share. As I have said before, I am probably the least technical person ever here, so please go easy on me!

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        A few things come to mind…I’m not very technical myself but the following come to mind.

        1] If the TV doesn’t have the optional digital Freeview unit -DVT- in it you are trying to tune to the old analogue signal which was turned off many years ago in the UK.

        2]If it does have the DVT module fitted the aerial may not be drawing in a strong enough signal to make tuning possible.

        3] A Freeview box would give you the digital signal tho subject to the signal strength being picked up by your aerial.

        4] I have an amazon for stick lite connected to my BV 11 and that works fine from the internet so possibly thats the easiest solution on Iplayer app.

        I hope that these thoughts may prove useful.


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          An added complication is that, as far as I’m aware, the BV7 mk 2 doesn’t have an hdmi connection, so you will have to get round that. Others on here can advise exactly what you need.

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            Any PVR box with a scart socket will provide you with tv coverage Lesley.

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              Thanks very much for such a comprehensive reply and apologies for not responding before now!


              I managed to get Covid the day before the Queen’s send off and so spent it in bed watching on my phone. Couldn’t muster the energy to sort the TV but that’s next on my list as I’m feeling a bit better.

              Thanks again – all great advice

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