Beovision 7-40 Mk4 – Type 9443 Power Board

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      My beloved BV7 is poorly.

      The issue started with the screen flickering when powered on for the first few seconds … then the BluRay stopped working (DVD OK though), then the flickering got worse, and now when powered up, the stand moves about half way to the set position, and everything stops. Switching off at the wall a few times can get the set going again, but even this is proving to be ineffective.

      I am wondering if the power board has failed… when the set is working the screen, back light and picture quality is great … so I don think the screen or the Video card is bad.

      Does anyone have a Power board for a Mk 4 (9443) BV7 they want to sell?

      Does anyone have any experience with their BV7 that may help me?

      I dont want to replace this set !!!

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        I have the same problem. I could play a entire DVD after placing the tv under the sunlight. 18 Celsius degrees in the room

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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