Beovision 7 32, no sound. Help!

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      Hi everyone,

      I’m probably the least technical person on this board – be gentle!

      Hoping you can help me with a Beovision 7 (9324 so believe a Mk II, correct me please if wrong!).

      At some point I will set this up properly for TV but for the moment I want to use the set purely to watch DVDs and listen to CDs.

      I have it in a room without an aerial connection, but hoping that won’t matter in terms of what I want to use it for now.

      DVD seems to be playing ok, I can see that playing on-screen and move through the menu, ff, rewind etc.

      There is no sound at all and I’m thinking perhaps I don’t have the correct leads fitted to the back from the soundbar. Or if I do they’re in the wrong place. Most of the images I can see online for BEovision 7 look different to my model. (Attaching a pic of the back of the TV here.)

      Would anyone be able to tell me what I need to get started?

      Thanks in advance


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        Hi LesleyJJ, welcome!

        Are you positive the speaker is in working order? Have you heard it before?

        It needs to be connected with a mains cord (to power the built in amplifiers) and a PowerLink cable (round DIN plugs with up to 8 pins) to provide the audio signals and the command to power up the speaker when you switch on the TV.

        Often the mains cord comes directly from your wall socket into the BeoLab 7-1, and from the speaker a mains cord (with a fe-male and a male plug) is used to provide power to the TV. It could be that your speaker gets no power? The photograph is not so clear. Check page 6 of the manual found here:, and page 30 of the reference book of the BV7-32 found here:

        The PowerLink cable has to be plugged into one of the two sockets on the TV that are called: PowerLink Centre. The inside of the connections covers contain stickers with the names of all the sockets.

        In the menu of the TV (options/sound) you will have to select BeoLab 7-1 at ‘CENTRE’ and the others to ‘NONE’.

        Hope this helps, let us know. Good luck, Johan


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          Thank you very much Johan for your thoughtful and detailed answer. Much appreciated.

          I’m back home after the long weekend tomorrow and will try your suggestions and sort out which cable I need to buy.

          I didn’t hear the TV before but was given to me by a family friend who assured me it was working when his daughter was around (I get the feeling she played it LOUD), but he couldn’t help with the cable situation.

          Once again, you’ve really helped me focus on what’s needed, so will report back when I’m annoying the nightbours!


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