Beovision 7 32 mk3 number 9341

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      Hi guys, my name is josh, im from Spain, sorry for my english. I have some questions tha i didnt find responses at net.

      Id like to know what kind of range frequency has my beovison tv . I have a beovision 7 32 mk3 number 9341, yeah i know ,so old television, but it is sounding really nice, i like how is sounding the main speaker. It is on the botton of tv, the big bar. And now, im thinking to put the tv in my home studio, to make music etc. i was looking in the manual and net for finding the range frequency , and i dont understand how many range frecuency has the main bar of my tv. Could you let me know it? I d like to use the main bar to take an hifi speaker at home music study. For listening in a good hifi response. The main hifi speaker on the market could be the model ;  Yamaha ns10, with a range frecuency 20hz to 20khz, for example….

      And another question is , do you know how many kg has in total? because i checked the manual again, and im not sure if it has 30kg aprox or it has more kg. i have a keyboard stand of 65kg max….I wouldn’t want to put too much weight on

      Thank you for answering me, and have a nice day.



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        Hi Josh, and welcome to Beoworld.

        Check this page: For connections you best contact Steve (site sponsor). The weight of the speaker should be about 10kg. The TV itself another 30kg (from Nice to see you appreciate this older but iconic TV set!

        Let us know the result, regards, Johan


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          The Yamaha ns10 has a frequency range from 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

          It is a studio monitor – supposed you use wo of these, you will get a much wider stereo seperation than with a BL 7-2.

          The 7.2 is a totally different speaker, optimized for tv viewing, not so much for ‘hifi listening’.


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