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      I am pretty sure that in “old” forum there was manual of how to “dismantle” the back of a BV-10 46 to have a look inside the trunk of the TV. Need to have a look at the cables, t con etc.
      Anyone who can help me?

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        I was also pretty sure there were service manuals for the (then) new BV10s back in 2011/12, but it seems to be impossible to find them here or elsewhere.

        I have also failed to open the back cover and just asked the same question here.

        Have you succeeded to open the damn thing up in the meantime since march?

        I am quite desperate, as this giant lump of a TV has to go if it is beyond repair.

        Kind regards, Phil

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          Problem solved – an old man living in a cave full of ancient technology hidden away from the world occasionaly shares his wisdom in all things B&O with us mere mortals before he vanishes again for decades, and I was at the right place at the right time.

          So here we go: The internals are accessed via the front of the TV – at least in the case of a 10-46, in order to gain access, remove the screws at the bottom, then flip over and gently slide off aluminium frame and glass, and you’re in. Have fun.

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            For dullards like me to whom this is not obvious, by “screws at the bottom” @Beoaddict means “at the bottom edge of the rear panel,”  and “flip over” means “…so it is resting on its rear panel on your floor/bed/…”  The service manual instead assumes you have a service stand holding the TV upright, so you would be sliding the front glass/frame assembly up vertically.  (I’m pretty sure it was available here, to gold members?  Anyway, it’s board-level service only.)  Here are the screw locations.


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