Beosystem 2300 Doors Won’t Close

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      We have a Beosystem 2300 that’s been in storage for some years.

      I took it out, cleaned off the dust and got it working again. Mostly.

      The only issue I’m having is that the doors won’t close.

      The open quickly, but when I try and close them, they just move inward perhaps 1/4-inch, and then stop.

      It’s more like they’re being stopped by a sensor that won’t let them close, than that they don’t have the power to close.

      I’ve tried removing the glass, cleaning behind it and blowing dust out of the tracks.  Nothing seems to make a difference.

      Any suggestions?

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        I would say that in order to fix that issue you need to replace the rubber belt that moves the doors.


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          Thanks for the suggestion, and that could certainly be it.

          My intuition is that because the doors open so easily, and don’t seem to struggle at all, that the belt seemed unlikely to be the cause.

          More like when your garage door gets halfway down, you trip the sensor and then it goes back up.

          Anything to that, or should I just go ahead and replace the belt?

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            +1 for the rubber belt – I replaced it on mine and it solved the problem.

            You can get the correct belt here:

            You could also try a little silicon lubricant in the runners (apply with q-tip) but to be honest all you are doing is making the belt’s job easier.

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              I really can’t get why people is able to come in for the fist time and ask for help without saying at least “hello/thank you”. Sorry it falls on you, but this is something that really wonders me each time.

              That said:
              – there is no such thing as “closing sensor”. it’s just a timeout. If the sensor that triggers the doors opening doesn’t detect movement or something in their field, the doors will closed.
              – you don’t tell us if the doors close when you help them, which will point a mechanical problem.
              – Then if they close, that will be, as already said and by easiest to solve, 1-clean with alcohol and carefully lubricate with silicon. 2-change the belt. 3-Align the doors (search old forum for details).

              Hope this helps.

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                @Matador – Hello and thank you!

                Thanks for the clarification on the lack of a sensor.  I thought I’d seen one mentioned somewhere else, but likely I misunderstood.

                I can gently “force” the doors closed, but it feels more like my closing the doors forcibly than “assisting” the motor.  When I apply light inward pressure, they start to close, move inward about 1/4 of an inch, and then move back out to the fully open position, just like when I don’t apply any pressure.

                I can then manually force them closed with gentle inward pressure, but don’t feel any “cooperation” from the mechanism.

                @guy – Thanks for the link!

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                  Looks like they sense something that tells the door to stay opened.
                  Do you know how to remove the doors and the black acrylic panels?
                  if so, try a good cleaning of all components, doors, panels and the sensors you will immediately see (4 littles black pearls into a trapezoidal housing, pointed to the center of the unit.

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                    Thanks – I’ve removed the doors, but not the black acrylic panels.  I’ll do that and give everything a good cleaning.

                    What’s best and safe to use for cleaning? Just blown air?  Microfiber?  Alcohol?  Something else?

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                      When dust is not to stuck, I use a silk brush for painting that as no other purpose that sweeping B&O stuffs, When the device is old and has already cleaning marks like micro scratches, the microfiber cloth and care.

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