Beosound – Tuner Offset, test modes

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      I have been running some tests on my Beosound 9000 mk2 and was looking at the tuner offset. I may have a BS9000 but I would think my this is relevant to all Beosound tuners.

      For the BS9000 test mode “TM 03” shows the status of the offset. Mine displayed “ERROR” which according to the service manual means that an offset adjustment is needed.
      “TM 01” will perform an automatic offset adjustment by searching for the frequency 100 MHz but this only gave me the display output “ERROR” which means it has failed.

      Where I live there is no radio station on 100MHz so was wondering if the service manual assumes that a B&O workshop will have a frequency sending on 100MHz for test purposes? If no lock at 100 MHz how can it then calculate an offset?

      This could also explain why “TM 01” shows error?

      “TM 02” allow for manual offset adjustment. I used this by typing in a know strong signal and the BS9000 performed an offset adjustment  error messages disappeared and all is good  hope this is useful for others

      My tuner was (and is) working fine, needs a good signal to play without hissing but feels normal.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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