Beosound Theatre first week impressions

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      That’s correct, it only works when in control or light mode.

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        NVM – reboot #48 helped and all events are visible now. @lundmark Mind sharing how you managed to properly get the event going for the BeoRemote? When I listen to bangolufsen_event – I will only get entries when I use the control or light function. None of the color, numeric or up/down buttons show up – seems like either I’m doing something absolutely wrong, or the fact that I still got the Netflix/Amazon version messes something up.

        Not sure it adress your issues, but there is a video on the subject here:

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          Very interesting video, thank you Hiort.

          If I welll understand, Home Assistant needs an always-on computer or NAS.

          Is there a solution to add Home assistant in an Apple TV?

          Kind regards,



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            No way on a NAS too? I have a QNAP model with the latest QTS.

            So in theory you would use Container Station to create yourself a virtual machine (if you have a QNAP powerful enough to support that) and install HASS onto it. A Google search will point you to a YouTube video, showing such an install. (N.B. I do not own a QNAP. On a Synology NAS one would launch Docker and install HASS into that.)

          Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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