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      Good morning,
      I currently have a beocenter 9300 + beolab2+ beolab 8000.

      I’m considering buying a Beosound theater to connect everything to my LG TV.

      what is your feedback on the use of beosound theater (bug, use with the B&o app….)?


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        I’ve had theatres  for 15 months now, one standalone and one as part of a surround setup.

        On a standalone basis, the Theatre is mighty capable with respect to the sound image (height, depth and power) it produces.

        It does seem a little more pointed / built for modern streaming than previous BVs – it can only control 2 peripheral devices using PUC (as opposed to 4), and sound wise it seems to sing with Atmos and Dolby Digital+ content, but less so with older codecs like PCM and Dolby Digital.     As for integrating older B&O stuff into a Theatre setup, others will know better, but there seem to be issues / limitations here.

        The current app also does not yet have a TV remote control function for the Theatre, in the way that exists for prior Beovisions – doesnt bother me, but does some.

        The other thing to think about – depending on how particular one is – the Theater does require / invite a lot of tweaking, fiddling and setting up.  True Image – their own up/down scaler – seems much less useful and relevant with the Theatre. Separate Listening Positions (replacement for speaker groups) need setting up and switching between for Atmos and non-Atmos content.  On older BVs, you could rely on True Image to manage different signals best – whereas now, a user needs to actually switch between List.Positions.

        Whether any of these foibles apply in your use case, I guess you will know better.

        But when it comes to its capability when fed a good input signal, yes it does sound superb.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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