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      I recently upgraded from a BS4 to Beosound Theatre. I really loved the BS4 feature that with turning on the BS4 the projector would light up and turn-off, when turning off the system via PUC control.

      In the Beousound theatre, I have connected the Projector (a SONY VPL-VW570ES) via HDMI to the TV ARC HDMI Output (projector is not CEC capable) and via PUC. In the PUC selection, I can choose the SONY VPL-VW90ES (works), however I can only select HDMI A, B or C as Input (while its not connected there, as it’s the output, wondering why B&O did not think of this, while offering Projectors in the PUC table). AppleTV is on HDMI A, Zidoo 4K Mediaplayer is on HDMI-B, so I selected “C”, which is not in use.

      When I turn on/off the system the projector does not react. Only when I link one of the favorite buttons to HDMI-C (which is now associated in the PUC control to HDMI-C), does the projector turn on. I also selected on the BeoRemote 1 that it shall select HDMI-C as source from standbye.

      Also, wenn I select one of the favorite buttons as “Standbye”, the projector does not go to standbye. In fact, the Beosound Theatre turns off, as does AppleTV (linked to the other PUC), as do the external BeoLabs, however, after a few seconds, the whole system comes back… sigh…

      Any idea or tipp highly appreciated, how the system could turn on the projector simulatenously with any HDMI-source selection (AppleTV or Zidoo Player)?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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