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      Hi, I am planning to buy the Beosound stage in combination with a 65 inch LG C1 tv.

      Does any one have good or bad experiences with this combination. The intend is to use the Stage as the speakers for the Beomaster 5 through the 3.5 mm aux input.


      Your comments will be appreciated.


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        Stage/C1 is a common combination – there should be no problems there.

        You can use the line input of the Stage for any audio device….with the right cable.

        However, if you connect the BM5 you will have to deal with two x volume controls (and maybe even two remotes).

        Do you also have the BS5 unit?

        If you just want to have access to the music on the harddrive of the BM5, you can access the files throught the Stage/the Bang & Olufsen app.

        You also have access to internet radio via the Stage, no need to use the BM5(/BS5) for that.

        But maybe you like the BM5(/BS5) and want to keep it —— it is possible, but with some drawbacks.



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          I use the Stage with LG C9 65, completely satisfied, it adds significant quality to TV and movies. Also very convenient to use for streaming when I just want to listen a radio in the background.

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            I bought that combo in January and am really pleased with the solution. The TV has an amazing picture and the sound works well for us in a room that’s approx 3m x 4m.

            Watching Amazon, Apple TV, Netflix, etc is seamless. Where I struggle is we still have a STB for live TV watching, which requires another remote. I wish there was a PUC to manage that.

            While we use our Avant NG for most watching, I prefer the picture on this newer panel. The stage works well with the multiroom functionality on the app, but I haven’t tried to connect any other sources directly to the stage.

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              I don’t think there are any ‘bad’ experiences. It’s just a speaker connected to a TV. What could possibly go wrong?

              I have that setup, although a 77″ G1. Works fine. Sound is decent. I’m just surprised and a bit disappointed the NG Stage never appeared. My dealer told me about it all the way back in January 2020: that a more expensive Stage was on its way, which was more like an Eclipse sound center and that it would allow the connection of other B&O speakers, which makes so much sense.

              Never appeared and that’s over two years ago. I guess someone at B&O thought it might render the Eclipse irrelevant/expensive, so put it on hold.

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