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      Hi JK,

      I myself have two Balances which use the same Mozart platform as the Level and while I don’t use Spotify a few months ago B&O released a big Spotify Connect update so I think it should be supported on the Level now. I’d say it should work in stereo even if the B&O website doesn’t mention it specifically here other than that the Level supports Spotify Connect:

      John from B&O Manchester gave an update on the latest way to stereo-pair Mozart products here so that I know from my Balance works with the Level:

      B&O Manchester also sums up the other recent big software update that enables Beolink multiroom as well:

      So I think it is very likely that you can now do all those things.

      Anybody that can confirm?

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        So I was eying the Beosound Level for a while but held back since it would not integrate with my Essence pending Software upgrade.

        I lost a bit track but the US site is still talking about pairing with chromecast and airplay.  Did that rumored update nor materialize?

        Other question I have, I would want the google less version, Is pairing 2 in Stereo working nowadays, specifically with Spotify Connect?



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          Hi JK,

          I’ve tried to link in YouTube links that the forum didn’t allow to post here.

          The Level now supports:

          – Spotify Connect

          – stereo-pairing using the native B&O app (note that you need two of the same version, so either two Levels with Google Assistant or two without)

          – Beolink Multiroom using the native B&O app, so you can now connect to your other B&O devices that are pre-Mozart and Beolink-enabled.

          My two non-GA Balances that I have work flawlessly both in multiroom and stereo  (as you probably know the Balance like the Level uses the Mozart platform).

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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