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      Was reading a few reviews but it’s not quit clear if google home is a requirement during initital installation/configuration?
      any Edge owners can clarify ? I would prefer bypassing google home and just use the app when I choose to purchase the Edge. Thanks

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        Edge is not a GVA product so I don’t know how or why Google could ever be involved in setting up or using the product.

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          Google would be required to use Chromecast, but if you’re using Chromecast, you’re already in deep with Google so one more device shouldn’t be a problem (I would think).

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            Well it is mentioned specifically in various reviews and google home is also mentioned in B&O’s own first time setup video I have just noticed. Very weird since indeed this is a non gva speaker!

            anyone more info on this?


            Edge video from B&O:



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                At some point there was a change…

                It is possible to set up a B&O device without using the Google path.

                See this:


                By the way – one of the biggest drawbacks using a GVA product is, that you are not able to use the line-in connection as you please…..but that is another theme.


                Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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                  Thanks MM,

                  That is helpful. I also use a similar process to set up my B&O Mozart speakers (Level and Emerge) without Google. After going through the B&O setup in the app, the app transfers you to the Google app to continue the Google setup. At this point, I stop the setup and the speakers work correctly without Google activated.

                  As long as you turn off the microphone on the speakers after room compensation is done and turn off automatic updates in the B&O app, the speaker then behaves completely as a non-GVA (Google Voice Assist) version, with the exception that the Line input cannot be cast to other speakers as you mentioned in your post.

                  Turning off the microphone prevents the speaker from announcing “Your speaker isn’t set up yet” when you have a conversation with a human being in the same room. Turning off the software updates prevents the speaker from shouting “Just so you know, your microphone is muted” at 1am when the automatic software updates are rolled out (don’t ask me how I know about this one! :-O

                  While there is a non-GVA version of each speaker produced, availability is often limited and I couldn’t get hold of either speaker in a non-Google version until well after the launch dates. These tweaks should help to make the speakers less Google dependent..

                  Kind regards, Steve.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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