Beosound 9000 micro processor module PCB3 and software EEPROM

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      I am having issues with a Beosound 9000 MK3 PCB 34. I am getting no standby light and power relay is not switching on. I have checked board and all ok. When exchanging PCB 3 from known good board to my known bad board the relay then works. So, issue is with somewhere on PCB3.

      I have tried exchanging the eprom from the good pcb 3 to the bad but still get no life. Service manual says that microprocessor cannot be exchanged without first being wiped by B&O?. Is there any way around this issue? Is anyone offering repair service on these apart from B&O.

      I have a X3 suspect PCB 3’s that I could do with being tested / used to make a good one.

      Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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        Hi Luke

        At first I would replache the CMOS battery, often makes problems. Even the other board works, could be working on the edge of battery life…costs not a big deal.

        Second I would ask member Beobuddy for help, he’s able to write new eproms.



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