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      Have problems with Beosound 5 setting.

      I can just have the normal ones like sound but if I want to go further……no.

      Other thing is that I can’t see configuration menu from BV9.

      TV detects Beomaster and I can adjust volume but that’s all.


      Also could not download Beoconnect program to MacBook. “untrusted”

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        Im a bit rusty on BS5 settings with ML TVs. Hopefully this will give you pointers to self-diagnose.

        1. BeoSound 5 / Beomaster 5

          Connection Audio

          BeoSound 5 can be placed in a setup, where either BS9000, BC2, BC2AO,

          BS3200 or BS4 is used as audiomaster and BeoSound 5 is used

          for N.MUSIC and N.RADIO.


          Audiomaster YES/NO on BeoSound 5 must be set to NO in this setup.

          This will disable OPTIONS setting for the BeoSound 5.

          The OPTION setting, referred to in this conclusion refers to

          the Audiomaster.


          Selecting option on the audio master

          Option:  AUTO configurating (option 0)

          ********************* AUDIO/VIDEO/LINK SYSTEM SETUP *******************


          Connect the Master Link socket of the audiomaster to the MASTER LINK

          socket of the TV-set using a BeoLink cable.

          ********************* REMOTE CONTROL FOR MAIN ROOM ********************

          The recommended remote control is Beo4

          The following remote controls may also be used:


          Setup for Beo4 remote control:

          Beo4’s “LIST” must contain the following items in order to be able

          to operate the Main Room products.

        2. You will not see the BS5 on the TV. However, you will get Beomaster5 contents on N.Music or N.Radio
        3. Connect Beolabs to the TV PL outputs and not the BS5
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          Ok…………but how about those system settings?

          How to go there? I can just setup volume, balance etc .

          On system settings I just get “language”and “time zone”

          There should be some way.

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              Well………not working. No service settings available.

              Seems also that volume etc. settings not there. If I shut down the whole thing

              and take the mains totally off for awhile and restart then settings are available except

              those service settings…….:/

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