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    Luuk Knoops
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      A few weeks ago I bought an old B&O BeoSound 4. The system was working but the only problem was the belt of the sound 4 that was broken sow the glass panel wasn’t working any more.

      I have the belt replaced with a 30mm new belt. The glass plate is working but not properly. The plate is dropping at it is in the right position. It drops very slow until the motor kicks in and the glass is going fully down.

      The belt is recently replaced sow its strange if that is the problem. I have asked B&O for some tips. I’m waiting now for a reaction from them.

      I have looked on the forum and er is an old topic about this but it’s not very clear about the solution.

      Is there someone here who can help me with this issue?

      BRONZE Member
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        Hi Luuk,

        I had a similar issue with my BS4, the glass would not operate at all and now functions correctly.

        I measured the original b&o broken belt and it is 100mm-101mm in total length and 25mm in diameter. I brought a kit of o-ring seals intended for plumbing at my local hardware store and found one about the same, it has since worked perfectly. I remember reading the belt needs to be tensioned so your belt may not be adequate enough at a 30mm. Try going for a 25mm diameter rubber belt with an circular inner core diameter of roughly 2mm (as measured on the original)

        Only other things I can think of is the gearing system. The two sides need to be aligned, this can be done by changing the position in the gearing for each side (ie puling one side mechanism from the gears teeth and pulling it up or down, they need to both be level otherwise your glass will not be square.) Ensure the mechanism is at full height before plugging back in and testing.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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