Beosound 3000 ‘Readjustment of Wire’

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    Dear all, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere – I’ve searched but haven’t found anything.

    I recently bought a used Beosound 3000 with the usual door issues: In my case the wire had completely come off the pulleys and disengaged from wheel H. I took the opportunity to strip the machine down and give everything a good clean. I’ve removed, cleaned and lubricated (with dry lubricant) the top and bottom tracks, and ensured all the pulleys rotate freely, again with a spot of dry lubricant on the pivots. I’ve reassembled everything as per the service manual and I’m confident the routing of the wire is correct as per the instructions and diagrams on page 5.12. The heavier spring is located on the top as per the instructions.

    My issue is that in the final stages of reassembly, pulling the wire over pulley P was very difficult, and there is a lot of tension on there. On testing the doors opened smoothly, but would not close completely. I assumed there was too much tension, and tried to follow the instructions (all 2 bullet points!) in the section titled ‘readjustment of wire’.

    The instructions are not very clear: I rotated gear G so that the mounting for the wire was level with the top of tower X, and having gently loosened the screw holding wheel H to pulley G I attempted to press the clip towards the centre. I (gently) retightened the screw. Now the situation is even worse, with the motor struggling to close even without the doors mounted.

    Does anyone have experience of the ‘readjustment of wire’ process? My assumption is that the process adjusts the distance of wheel H to the centre of pulley G, allowing some adjustment of the wire tension. However, I’m wary of putting to much strain on ageing plastic components so I thought it best to check before I do anything drastic!

    Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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