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      Hi, I’m looking for advise on Beosound 2 (2018 model), it worked fine since purchase,  suddenly the trebles stopped working.

      Tried all troubleshooting as recommended (checked the volume and sound levels,  factory reset by App, reset by hardware button,  delete and reinstall the App, change the Android device, create support ticket in B&O support and sent logs, small video etc). B&O is saying that very likely it is a hardware failure, so I have to go  to retailer who will send product for repair in Denmark , will take one month etc.

      App works normally, playing music from my regular sources Radio etc is OK, however I hear only bass sounds, no treble. Checked on B&O M3 player in multi-room configuration, M3 works normal.

      Just wondering, as I did not found any similar user issue on web / B&O support sites/ forums,  how this can happen,  tweeters are dead in less than 5 years?

      There is nothing particular about the operating environment, standard living room, standalone usage etc

      Thanks in advance

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        I agree with B&O’s assessment as it could be either the tweeters or their amps or both depending on the nature of the failure. This can happen if played too loud for too long with a lot of high frequency content, a transient passed thru the system, or simply a part failed which can be age or heat related or simply an impurity that finally caused a failure. Bottom line is to have a B&O Service Center fix it as it definitely is worth fixing.

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          Catalin, this will be no consolation to you, but it is part of the price of enjoying powered speakers.  Yes, the mechanical tweeter itself is unlikely to have failed so early —and rarely fails on non-powered speakers.

          But powered speakers are a different animal, with power supplies and amplifiers a minimum starting point.  Your speaker has a dedicated amplifier just for the tweeter, for example.  And then you have wireless power speakers, often with both wireless and wired network input, digital analog converters, room acoustics evaluators, and who knows what else.  Many B&O speakers include a web server, to cite an example (it is the “web” page inside the speaker you can access to configure the speaker).

          If you had told me in 1997 when I purchased my first B&O system that someday each speaker would serve its own web pages I would have said: nuts!  Now I see the value.

          These are complicated computer systems.  Just the inside of any of the microchips inside may include tens of thousands of transistors or more.

          The world we live in.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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        Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoSound Beosound 2 – need help

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