Beosound 1 and 2 – wishful thinking

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      I want to extend my multiroom setup with a Beosound 2 and for the last couple of months it seems to have been available in a very limited capacity on the website. Most options are usually sold out, and sometimes you only have the GA version of one colour, and a non-GA version of another colour, while the brass and bronze are typically sold out. I understand the brass has been phased out but I am not sure about the bronze tone.

      Which brings me to this picture:


      As far as I know at the launch of the Beosound 1 and 2 many years ago B&O showcased what they could achieve with these two products in terms of their aluminium treatment. How much has this become a reality during the years?

      I recall for example the Factory 5 Edition (Sapphire Blue) of the Beosound 1 which was epic in my view but that was only limited to 10 pieces with a super-high price tag.

      I also recall the New York Edition of the Beosound 1 and the Contrast edition of the Beosound 2.

      But have I missed any limited edition that may have already existed of those colours from the above concept image? 🙂

      I really wish they had made that one with a very subtle blue finish.

      Another question is: do you know how much in demand the Beosound 2 is today? The Beosound 1 I believe is EOL already.

      Even better: does anyone know if B&O is planning on upgrading the Beosound 2?

      What colour would you like to see the Beosound 2 wear?

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        One of the biggest mistake ever is they choose to NOT release the gorgeous and super functional essence wheely in all the prototyped colours. They could have sold millions.
        Only plain boring silver instead, such a huge mistake.
        I am not sure same could be said about BS1 and BS2 but for sure some of the colours from your picture never made it to the dealers.




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