Beoplay A9 keeps diconnecting

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      Hey everyone!

      Happy New Year!

      For a few weeks now, my Beoplay A9 (MkII) keeps disconnecting daily. The A9 appears as unreachable in the B&O app, and I have to take the plug out and force a restart in order for it to show up again. Sometmes this even happens while playing music, in which case the speaker is again unresponsive and I cannot turn it off even from the touch controls (I still have to plug it out). I tried Googling about this issue and searching the forums but nothing came up.

      I believe that a new firmware was released recently and I thought that perhpas this might be causing the issue? Has anyone experienced something similar?

      It is definitely not a WiFi issue, as the reception is quite good and stable (I have a 200Mbps FTTH connection, and everthing else works fine) and I don’t experience the same issue with a BS Stage nor a BeoSound 2 that are located further away from the router. I have also tried both the 5Ghz connection (which I normally use) and the 2.4Ghz, but the issue persisted regardless…

      Any ideas on what might be causing this and/or what I could try to fix this issue?

      Many thanks in advance!


      edit: just saw that the post count was reset in the new forum. I’m an old member so I hope it’s ok if I post a new topic…

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        Same problem here.Anyone got any solution to this problem as this is very frustrating.

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          I ended up selling the speaker and getting a Mk5 a few months ago. It was just too much of an incovenience to keep having to hard reset the A9 almost daily.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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