Beoplay A1 SW Update fails

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      Hello everybody
      when I try to update my Beoplay A1 Speaker with a new Software Veriosn, the process starts but stops afetr a second with the message “Bluetooth connection is broken” What is not true – the speaker is bluetooth connected and plays music fom my android phone)

      any ideas?
      thanks in advance


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        I don’t have any advice for this specific problem, but here are some things I’ve had to do to make various B&O products work.

        1. Reboot your phone
        2. Drop and re-add the BT pairing in your phone.
        3. Drop the device from the app, delete the BT pairing, restart the app, add the device to the app “from scratch”.
        4. Do all of 3) above, but also reset the A1.
        5. If you have multiple A1s, delete them all and try 3) and 4) above
        6. Try all of the above in an area with little BT interference.  For example, in my office, I have a BT keyboard and mouse, a laptop, a tablet, a phone, a smart watch, all using BT from time to time.  I’ve had to leave my office for another room there are no other devices to get some things to work (not necessarily with B&O, but other BT devices).
      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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