Beomaster 8000

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    Hi all

    As usual I need some help. My Beomaster 8000 powers on and when I do the test the display shows TP.

    However there is no output to the speakers, can anyone give me a clue as to solving the problem?

    There is no point in going to the local Beoservice agent as he will not look at it and the next service centre is 2000km away.

    Thanks in advance

    John (in Perth Western Australia)

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    Hi John

    If you’ve made the uPC TEST with in STBY Mode pressing MONITOR and STBY Button simultaniously and the display shows “TP” that means Test Passed so the uPC is in working order.

    If there is any error detected during the TEST the display would show TE (Test Error) 1 to 13 depending of the detected error.

    Is there any noise in the speakers like humming or white noise if you crank up the volume?

    If not I would do following:

    Often the speakerswitches are corroded or not working properly.

    Check if they are switched to the “ON” position ;-))

    Maybe toggling the switches bring them back to life.

    Connect a audiosource to “TAPE IN 1 or 2”,  key TP1 or TP2, try both, there are different ways through the audio switches IC’s

    Check the Amp with a headphone conected.

    The headphonejack is connected to the poweramp section with a voltage divider and no switch is between.

    Let us know your results.

    Kind regards




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    Hi Christian

    Thanks for your kind reply

    I have just connected headphones and tried switching beteween sources and fm and there is no sound through the headphones.

    I did notice that the headphone socket moves when plugging the phones in. As it is now nightime here I’ll check that tomorrow.



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    Is the amplifier sections powered at all?
    Bad relay?
    Blown fuse?
    Cracked solder joints where leads go to the relay board?
    Open ceramic resistor on the relay board?


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