Beomaster 8000: Would there be any advantage to screwing a heatsink to TR211/207

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      on the amp boards, #5. These run extremely hot on my 8000 (around 80°C at idle), and temp seems to be directly related to the no-load current measurement. Cooling them down with some compressed air lowers the voltage dramatically. Is this by design?

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        No! It’s made like this and it’ll work fine.
        (Actually the best and most stabile operating temperature for many semiconductors of this sort is 60-70 degC).

        Set the idle current as adviced in the service manual.
        Final adjustments are done with the Beomaster under normal working conditions (warm).

        If the idle runs astray (keeps increasing, also after a few minutes) there is a problem
        somewhere, – most likely lack of thermal coupling from the output stage darlingtons – or from the temp. sensing transistor in the constant current generator – to the cooling fins.

        (Never run an amplifier like this without the cooling fins – it’ll do a thermal runaway).


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          That answers that. Thanks!

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