BeoMaster 5 -How to copy music?

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      Hi! I’m new to making posts here, but wonder if anyone can help?

      I have acquired a good, working BM5/BeoSound 5 and realise that BeoConnect for MAC doesn’t work. I have found a workaround and can connect using SMB to the BM5 IP address and can successfully see the MUSIC folder and see it’s contents ( which agree pretty much with what I see on the control unit display). As a trial , I copied some audio tracks into a new folder that I created on the BM5 hard disk.  But I cannot find those tracks on the controller display – no matter where I look!  I saw that Stephan Zueger helped kaz986 with using SMB.

      I am hoping that someone else with experience on this old ( but still usable) product can help me store my CD collection on the BeoMaster 5 hard disk ?

      Thanks in advance,


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        Hi Michael –

        I regularly put new music on via my mac. I will send you a word document on the process I use this weekend. I bought software for ripping CDs and creating lossless files called dbPowerAmp. I highly recommend it.

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          Thanks very much Gregg! I will look forward to seeing the document and getting the machine working properly for me. The system is amazing as it is, but the choice of music is not mine. I’m more into classical music.   Meantime , I will search online for that software and start playing with that.  Mike


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            CONNECTING ON MAC.
            BS5: Go to SETTINGS/NETWORK INFO and get the IP address of the BM5 (likely
            MAC: Open Finder, go to GO/CONNECT TO SERVER and enter the IP address
            Login with username BM-USER, password *****

            RIPPING CDs lossless
            Now that I have a functioning BM5, I am returning to ripping CDs. I am using DBPowerAmp, which really is a great tool. Here is the process for ripping a CD to achieve lossless data on the BM5

            Create FLAC Files for BM5
            Open DBPowerAmp Music Converter, and click CD Ripper
            Under Preferences in DBPowerAmp, Tags & Filenames, Options, Tab Album Art, Write to drop down menu, select Folder.JPG (only need to do this once)
            Load CD, and the album information should come up in the CD Ripper main page.
            On lower right, on Rip To drop down menu, select FLAC. In drop down in middle of page, select Level 5 Lossless (also only need to do this once)
            On lower right, on Path drop down menu, select the iTunes/Apple Music destination folder. On Catalina, it is Music/iTunes/Itunes Media/Music (only need to do once)
            If the album art did not come up on lower right, click the art image and it should present you a set of choices from the internet. You can also browse to find it.
            Click Rip. It will make the FLAC files of the music and create the album art in folder.jpg
            Once done, copy the artist folder (if it is the first music from that artist on the BM5), or copy the album folder (if you already have that artist folder on the BM5) to the Music folder of the BM5. You will now see the album art and be able to play on the BM5.

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              Thank you very much Gregg! I found that to connect to the BM5 I had to use SMB:// < IP > on my system – but I can “see ” the filesystem as you  mentioned.  I have also installed dbpoweramp and this also works brilliantly – thank you for the detailed instructions! Now comes the tricky part. I have trialled a couple of CD’s ( each with a single artist (composer)) as I mostly listen to classical music. But the ripping program will translate the orchestra for the composer name in the resulting file. So this means I get Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra instead of Beethoven! (the Flac files and artwork are all properly copied and in the correct location on the source location (Music). I renamed the file folder as “Beethoven” because that’s where I want to store it ( and find it on the BM5). This copied OK, but I cannot find it anywhere on the BM5 display, despite it being there in the Finder window!! This thing is doing my head in!

              I hope you can help or advise me what I am doing wrong – and try to understand how the BM5 file system (server) works?


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                Sorry to hear it is not yet working. Can you take a screenshot of the file directory so I can compare it to mine? Does the IP address on the Beosound 5 match what you see from the mac? Does N.RADIO work?

                I will compare to mine when I am back at the unit this weekend.

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                  Hi Gregg,  Yes the IP of the BM5 is correct – and I have no issue finding it and connecting to it on my home network. Mine is of the generic type <192.168.0.nnn>

                  I’m using OSX 12.5.1 Monterey

                  I have a suspicion that something isn’t right in this file system. As you can see – there is a recycle bin folder present. There is a single file in there at the moment, but it is NOT anything I have deleted! I have “deleted” many folders of music that I don’t wish to listen to, but although they are “gone” from the structure, where have they gone?

                  Two other CD’s have ripped and I can see and listen to – so the device IS working – but it’s not robust yet.

                  If you like – I can also take a phot of the screen of the BM5 to show where I think Beethoven should be in the B’s (in Artist), but nothing is there?




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                    Sorry – I forgot to answer all questions.

                    Yes – NetRadio works perfectly. I’m currently listening to Denmarks Radio P4 (Trekanten) as I’m trying to learn Danish so that I can chat to my grand kids- as our son now lives in Jutland,DK!  Thanks again for the advice. I’m sure we’ll get this sorted out.

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