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      Hi again all, I have a chance to buy a beomaster 4400 which cosmetically is in great shape, all there, v clean etc….apparently it powers up but no further testing been done to it…I am taking this to mean it does not work ! My question is, it it worth a major re-cap etc and if so any idea how much a major internal overhaul would cost approximately? I am in the uk and realise answering this exactly would be impossible but if a rough budget figure might be suggested it would give me an idea if the unit is worth pursuing…like I say, its cosmetically good, powers up but after that, who knows? working on assumption it needs the full treatment inside but I don`t know what this would cost? A ball park figure would def help me…My thanks to you  all again for  your advice and help…this forum is certainly a major help….cheers…

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        Here is what I changed in mine 2012, plus a lot of cleaning and adjustments, dirtiest unit I ever done. P1000933 (2021_01_16 19_18_46 UTC)

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          Martin aka Dillen will sell you a complete set of capacitors and lamps for this unit, not sure what he charges these days so you need to send him a post…….however replacing capacitors may be just the start………first thing would be to determine if it actually works prior to replacing anything, most problems can be resolved without spending a fortune and these amplifiers are well worth restoring


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            set of capacitors and lamps ….



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              The Beomaster 4400 remains my favourite one sonically speaking. Entirely worth the effort, and very reliable when it has been properly restored with Beoparts components ☺️

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