Beomaster 4000 – wicked pop when turning on

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    I have a Beomaster 4000 that I recapped about 3 years ago and put it away in a box.  I got it out recently and hooked it up to a pair of speakers to try it out and noticed I got a pretty serious pop when I turn it on.

    Turn the volume all the way down – Still get the pop.  Turn off the toggle switch to the speakers, no pop until you engage the speakers that are connected and then… POP!!!

    I assume this loud fweep is caused by the capacitor pulling current through the speaker when I complete the circuit as a quick on-off-on cycle does not have a pop the second power up when the capacitor is charged.  It is loud enough that I am worried about damaging my old Klipsch Heresys.

    The question is why is my old Beomaster doing this?  Why don’t they all do it?  Once it is through the big pop, it seems to operate normally and sounds good.  Newer receivers have a mute circuit to avoid all this, but these old units somehow managed to get by without.

    Any suggestions?

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