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    Thorsten Stumpf2
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      Hello Forum,
      Noobie here in the Beoworld 🙂

      I purchased from ebay a broken Beomaster 2000 Type2911 Sern. 2872003
      The unit is in really good condition, it turned on with a relay click and all the sensor buttons and lights are working.When i press the front “Programming” the lid opens automatically 🙂

      Here comes the tricky part:

      I get no noise from the FM input connected with 75ohm areal antenna. All the 5 station are complete silent, when i try to tune in there is no buzzing sound or tuning light.By changing to TP or Phono i get a low ticking noise. I connected a music player over the 7 DIN TP input and can hear music, but it is low volume, distorted with the ticking noise.Volume up and down is making a small difference,muting works.Bass,balance and treble seem to work also.

      I took the unit appart and from visual inspection i can see no bulging or leaking caps.On the power input board i started to change a ROE 470mf cap, my component tester showed spot on value and low ESR on this one.


      I changed 95% of the electrolytic caps with a service kit from Beoparts and it makes a difference, the distortion is gone on the TP\Phono and i got noise on all the radio stations buttons, but when i try to tune in, there is no change in the noise,no reception on 1-5 ?

      The caps that are left are 2 Bipolar 22/16 (i have no replacement) a big radial 200uf and 2200uf and the two 6800/40V. I checked with my LCR Meter in circuit and they have the correct value and low ESR.

      Can i replace those big radial caps and the 6800 with standard caps and the same values? What is different on this caps?

      What should i do for further troubleshooting and repair? I have a small signal generator can i inject a signal on the FM antenna and follow up?

      Are this units known for faults with ICs on the board?

      On what board should i look first and check all the remaining components?

      Thank you for your help.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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