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      My dealer confirmed there is a MKII last October with minor changes but he didn’t know exactly when it was coming out.

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        My dealer confirmed there is a MKII last October with minor changes but he didn’t know exactly when it was coming out.


        I heard yesterday from another source that MKII was for dealers only, but MKIII should be the one for customers… but no more details yet :(.

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          I would not keep my hopes up on the blinds. Yes if you buy Ikea but if you use somfy IO or Douglass Hunter it will take at least a few years. The say that it is being supported but i still use the tahoma and HA through the BLI. It is still to difficult to setup through zigbee. I am not worried that the current BLI will not support matter, it is just an interface.

          It will be interesting to see what the do with the Mozart platform. Could be that you need a next Gen, it will be my third interface in 5 years in pro mode.  I think I am going to pass on that one.

          I use it not just for light, but heating windows curtains sprinkler etc. Annoying is that I already need HA for windows and alarm anyway. So I have running HA on an docker 24-7 anyway. The good thing of the BLI is the interface it looks so clean and easy to use.



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            The new hardware has been announced today! It’s called Beoliving Intelligence 3rd Gen.


            Official announcement:

            We are excited to share that we are launching the next generation of Beoliving Intelligence on March 20th. The third generation is replacing the Beoliving Intelligence currently available and hence making the first generation EOL once no more units are available. We expect this to happen within a few weeks.
            The magic of a Bang & Olufsen Smart Home
            Imagine a home that wakes with you the minute you open your eyes. The lights turn on, the curtains open, and your favourite music starts to play. This is the magic of a Bang & Olufsen smart home. Virtually everything you own is yours to control, all with the simple tap of a finger. This is all enabled by Beoliving Intelligence which is our innovative smart home hub that enhances the way you live, allowing you to control your entire home the Bang & Olufsen way: simple, elegant, intuitive.
            What’s new
            The 3rd generation of Beoliving Intelligence is the most powerful and user-friendly version yet. With a Quad-core processor that is 10x more powerful than the 1st generation and twice the memory, you’ll experience lightning-fast performance and seamless integration with your home. To make the first-time setup even easier, we will soon offer the option to purchase the Pro-license
            along with the Beoliving Intelligence hardware. The Pro-license enables Pro features such as more integrations and customization possibilities.
            We expect the Pro-license to be available mid-April and will share more details soon.
            Until we make the Pro-licence available the current process for updating to Pro can still be utilized. Beoliving Intelligence 3rd generation is powered via the USB-C power supply provided with the hub.
            Note: Power over Ethernet (POE) is only supported when using the external adapter available for Beoremote Halo. If you require POE, please request the adapter and ensure that your Beoliving Intelligence 3rd generation is running firmware v2.3.1.429 or newer.
            The Beoliving app still acts as the simple and easy to use interface to control your home.
            Control your entire home with a single app
            At Bang & Olufsen, we believe in full integration. With the beautifully designed Beoliving app, our robust smart home platform allows you to control your entire home — from climate and security to lighting and shades — all from a simple user interface.
            The Beoliving app is available for iOS and Android devices, and can be used on your phone or your tablet.
            Endless possibilities
            Beoliving Intelligence provides you with a scalable solution that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of your home. Out of the box, Beoliving Intelligence comes in Essential mode, allowing for easy real time configuration and simple control of your connected home. For more

            advanced home automation needs, upgrade to Beoliving Intelligence Pro with a one-time paid license, and experience a sophisticated and fully immersive smart home solution.
            To learn more about the capabilities of Essential and Pro, see the Beoliving Intelligence technical specifications.
            Easy migration
            We’ve taken special care to ensure an easy migration of your previous configurations is possible, whether you’re upgrading from generation 1 or from a Beolink Gateway. Merely store your configuration and load it directly into the Beoliving Intelligence 3rd Generation.
            Importantly, please note that no launch orders will be placed for the new 3rd Generation of Beoliving Intelligence. The product will be opened for ordering in ROS during week 12, 2023.


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              Looks like the Samotech hub on Amazon (£179). Add a bit of pre-programmed code and any guess that this will be +£1000?

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                I wonder if you still need to upgrade to the Pro version before you can write your own plugins.  That is a shocking limitation of the current version.

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                  Yes, there‘s still a Pro license available.

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