Beolink 1000 fix (Possibly)

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    Hello all,

    Ages ago I posted in the old forums how to fix a Beolink 1000 that has suddenly stopped working and I thought it was worth repeating (along with a new diagram to help).

    You simply take out the batteries and short the + & – terminals. A piece of wire or a paper-clip will do the trick. You won’t see or hear anything happen but it seems to reset something in the remote.

    All I can say is it worked for me and at least 3 others (who confirmed this in in reply to my suggestion on the old forum post.) And a few more in the most recently archived forum when I posted again.

    Another handy trick to see if any remote is sending out the IR signal, is to point it at a digital camera (mobile phone camera) and press a number button (they always output IR) and you should see the emitters blink red/purple in the camera screen. (works with all IR remotes). You may need to use the selfie camera on an iPhone.



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