Beolab Penta1 crossover smoke


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      Hi all, I have a set (4) penta 1 speakers. So, I had a blown tweeter so I replaced it with a known hood one from one of my others, all was going well and sounded good for 5 minutes, then the high/mid crossover let out the blue smoke from 2 of the 3 resistors on the board (one looks to have actually caught fire!) and it also blew the new tweeter (GRRRRR) anyway, I looked on eBay for crossovers and notices the same failure on all of those listed there. So…is this a common problem? What can be done to a:repair this issue and B: prevent it in my other 3 Pentas? And C: where can I get parts (rebuild kit?) and part values for these? Everything else continues to act normally on the offending Penta.

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          I would also not use the speakers again until you have given the amplifier unit a thorough once-over. Two blown tweeters and smoking resistors in a passive crossover suggest to me that the amp could be putting out DC.

          If it is, then it’ll just keep blowing your tweeters and crossover components every time you replace them.

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