Beolab 8000 woofer issue

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    One of the woofers on one of my Beolab 8000 mk 0.5 is making a scratching sound. Is it possible to repair the speaker element/coil? Or is only option to get a new woofer? This is not the same woofer as later models.

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    [You have more experience than most, so please pardon me if this is too baby-step and of course you have already looked…]  Usually scratching is from one of 3 sources: deteriorated foam/rubber surround, allowing the motor assembly to fall lopsided, or debris attracted into the gap (those darn magnets), or glue failing which holds the magnets to the rest of the structure and they shift/pull themselves all misaligned (those darn magnets!-).  Sounds goofy, but try laying the speaker on its back: improvement==>rotted surround.  All 3 of these causes can be fixed.  Used drivers from other speakers will eventually get the same faults with age.

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    Hi Leo, good to see you back,

    Got the same issue on MK1: one of the woofer make a slight scratching noise, not always, not strong but sometimes, and noticeable when you know it’s there.

    I have inspected the driver and it has no visible sign of wear, specially on the surround.
    I noticed that when I very carefully and lightly touch the surround speaker at 7 o clock the rattling stops. Then for me the cure was to attach a little soft foam piece there. No noise since then.

    I’ve recentererd a magnet on 4 P50 drivers that were obviously stuck. I don’t feel like doing the same with an 8000 driver. And changing it implies readjusting the whole speaker if I understand correctly, so not viable to me too.

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    I tried to lay the speaker on its back. Still same scratching.
    I took it off, and when I press it down with my fingers, I can’t reproduce it.
    Considering to cut off the dust cap and use some air pressure.

    As you can see from the pictures I doubt that I can source the driver.


    Thanks for the welcome back 😀

    And now for the million dollar question:

    what song was I listening to when I noticed the issue?



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    I have a pair of these early 8000 beolabs. They are still working perfect.

    The difference to later models is: the rubber is not glued ON the cone, the rubber is glued BEHIND the cone… what looks better.

    The problem is: you dont see if the glue fails and splits rubber/cone and you can hear it breathing. Also the linear control of the cone fails and rubs on the coil… scratching mechanical sound…

    I have seen some of them with this fault., very often on Beolab 2500. A reglue of the rubber solves the problem… what is difficult on these 8000 woofers. You need a very, very  liquid glue mixture… the original Latex glue is waterbased and can be used with little bit more water.

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