Beolab 8000 strange behaviour

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      hello, I have problems with 1 Beolab 8000 (sn21***) and the following happens: on the line input the relay switches on and off again, and back on again. the LED remains green. On PowerLink the relay switches on with a signal from my bc9500 and off again. speaker plays perfectly. However, the LED remains green. I have already replaced 3 relevant transistors on the standby PCB, same behavior. When I connect the relay to an external power supply, it switches properly. What is striking is that if I connect another external power supply to the relay, it switches neatly. With a perfectly different amplifier module it is exactly the same behavior. when the relay switches off the voltage is around 22v. I measure 24v on the amplifier board without load. Could the diode, in series with the resistor (1n4148), break down periodically? If I measure on the diode while the relay is switching off, I do not measure any voltage across the diode. By the way, when I connect 15v from an external power supply, the relay clicks and stays on. Then the diode is simply defective and I shouldn’t look any further? Before the LED remained green, the orange LED also lit up. but as I say, if you do not look at the status of the LED, the amplifier switches on and off neatly via powerlink (while it is always green), the other speaker does change from green to red on standby. it is not the cables and converting from L to R does not change anything. As I said, another amplifier has the same problem with chattering of the relay (intermittent on and off, you also hear it in the speakers) and the LED. Could this be due to that diode? I’m a bit frustrated to say the least.

      If anybody could help…

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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