BeoLab 8000: power but no red LED ?

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    I have one BeoLab 8000 (serial 1177 xxxx) that worked perfectly until recently.

    All of a sudden it did not power up any more. The red LED stays off/black, no sound coming from the speakers anymore.

    Checks made:

    • This BeoLab has been cleaned from old foam and visually looks perfect on the PCB and components, new foam has been installed before I got them.
    • I checked the connectivity of the traces on the PSU PCB, as I have experienced before that they have been damaged by foam rot. But these traces measure positive on continuity.
    • Instead of powering via the standard power cord and the C7 connector on the foot of the BeoLab, I removed the PSU/AMP block and connected 230v directly to the white 230v connector on the PSU PCB. When doing that I noticed that the relay makes a clicking sound, so it does power up this way.

    By the way, I am not using PowerLink, my audio source is connected via the RCA in the foot.

    Does anyone recognize this situation and has a recommendation?

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