Beolab 8000 distance installation

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      is there a recommanded distance between two beolab 8000 in stereo. Which is the minimal and maximal distance? I saw on homecinema forum a distance between 2-4m for front loudspeaker.

      My earing position is at 5 meters from the loudspeakers(but I have not the possibility of 5 meters between the beolab 8000).


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        If you have video source/tv in between or just want to have a funtioning stereo imaging from where you sit, the speakers should not be too far apart.
        The further they are apart the harder it will be to find a sweet spot for listening.
        If you have a video source/tv a center channel will help.


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          I have mine 2.5m apart and my seating position is 3.5m away. In a perfect world my seating position would be closer. As it is, I have excellent sound stage imaging in this setup which is strictly 2 channel stereo.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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