BeoLab 8000 & acoustic lens ?


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      I just came across someone, offering me a ‘BeoLab 8000 acoustic lens upgrade’.

      It is offered as a set of two acoustic lenses, including a cover plate (for the ‘old’ tweeter position). The kit is offered in two choices:

      1. €125 for untreated plastic version
      2. €200 for chromed version

      I didn’t know it existed, and it made me wonder …

      • Could this be the acoustic lens if the BeoLab 3 or 18 as a replacement part?
      • Anyone with experience building an acoustic lens on the BeoLab 8000?
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        There was – as I recall – a thread about something like that on the old forum.

        However, I can not imagine how the speakers i.e. the sound should benefit from placing an ‘acoustic lens’ on the top…..unless the speaker would be new tuned etc for this – which probably noone can do apart from the guys in the Acoustic Department in Struer.

        If you like the looks of an acoustic lens on these old speaker (it seems that the ‘lens’ is all that is offered) go for it.

        Not my cup of tea and a bit expensive IMHO.


          • Paris France

          Yes, I think I’ve seen those kits on ebay some time ago.
          They came after a search for wooden frets for 8000’s – same kind of mod to me :BL18 look alike.

          If I recall well they were available for BL6000 too.

          As Millemissen, I wonder how they can actually “upgrade” the 8000’s sound, but as lot of people as them for the style only part of me can understand.

          I aslo find 8000’s with wooden grills but without ALT looks weird and unbalanced: that may be an answer for this, without altering the sound of 8000 by ot moving the actual tweeter.

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