Beolab 7.2 – broken crossover

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      Is it possible to repair a broken crossover?

      I’ve recently got a white noise coming out of my beolab 7.2 on start up, which was quite loud and constant. The noise did not reduce when the volume was turned down, but I could hear the TV sound over the noise.

      I tracked the issue down to a bad crossover, by swapping midwoofers and tweeters from left to right first, then moving to the crossover, and that resulted in the noise moving to the other side.

      I’ve got a replacement on order, but I’m wondering, is it possible to identify what part of the crossover broke, and then fix that? The crossover / pcb is A6413691ver A, rathering than dumping my old one in the bin?




    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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