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      So Beolab 3 are at a very low price now, so I am thinking of adding them to my PC setup.

      But I hope you can help a bit, as I know that the blacks can get a bit sticky in the surface. Does the white do that?

      And how will you recommend plugging them to a PC? can I just get a direct cable? or should I use something like the Core or something cheaper?

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          The white is a painted finish and doesn’t go sticky.  It also looks really nice, but white seems to be going out of fashion these days.

          It’s just the black and the grey which suffer from the stickiness (which cannot be remedied, believe me). All other colours are fine as they’re painted as opposed to the soft-touch finish which breaks down…

          Steve is your man for cables on here!



          Yes, that is the cable you need, set both speakers to Line mode and they will work straight from the PC with volume control from the PC.  Any questions, please feel free to get in touch via my sponsor link at the foot of the page and I will be happy to help!

          Kind regards, Steve.

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            That’s my way …


            (Looks a little bit messy, but it works. But before you pull the “headphone jack” switch off the mains for the BeoLab 3.

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              Hallo Steve I want to buy a 3M, but it says sold out.

              Actully I need a 2M, can you make that one for me?



              Please can you get in touch directly at for any specific order questions?  I will then be happy to help.

              Kind regards, Steve.

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