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    Hello all


    My beolab28 are hard wired via powerlink to the Theatre and have worked ok until today!


    One of the speakers suddenly cuts out and when swiching off the theatre the speaker grill on one side remains open.  Power cycling brings it back to normal operation.


    The app indicates speaker ‘offline’ during that period- I wonder why that should make a difference givenn its wired and the sources im listing do are part of the Theatre.

    I have tried the ‘reboot’ option in the app- not sure what difference there is between that and power cycling?


    I have the same issue periodically with my hard wired 28s and Theatre.


    Word has it that the Theatre (and 50s) are about to have a 20% price rise.

    They need to get these things working flawlessly I’d say, otherwise their new HWNI’s target market wont be as forgiving as we can be.

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      Maybe they count on these HWNI’s buying their stuff only as decor in their houses…..they’ll never notice the flaws 🥴



      UK Dealers will be so happy with that.

      All the VHNWI’s who thought B&O were cheap and beneath them will be kicking down Dealer doors like it was a limited edition Balenciagia handbag to place their orders.


      The price raise was going to be 25% but B&O reduced it to 20% but excluded all power cords 🙂


      B&O Selfridges just had their best ever quarter.

      Didnt translate to the bottom line (i.e revenues not growing).

      But their new target market are clearly not inflation sensitive.

      20% though. Quite the punchy move.

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