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    Hi, I am trying to set up a home theater/ surround system set up for my living room (25*20 ft).. I have a 83 inch LG C2 TV

    my consultant is recommending
    1. Beolab 28

    2. B&O Almando multiplayer switch (to connect to the LG TV)

    3. B&O Lab 19 sub woofer

    4. B&O Beoamp 2 (for connecting surround speakers)

    5. B&O BOC82 in ceiling speakers

    Does this seem like an overkill? Given the Beolab 28 is an active speaker with built in woofers so I really need a sub woofer and ceiling speakers.

    Also is Almando the best route to connect Beolab 28 to the LG TV?



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