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      Hey! I have received a beolab 2000 is there any way to activate the aux in on this unit easily?
      Have a powelink cable that is clipped and tried to put 12v on pink/blue and sound on red/dashed and orange/dashed. The unit does not want to start, only the red diode lights up

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        BeoLab 2000 is a Masterlink speaker only?! Where is the aux or powerlink connector?

        Nils Marsille
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          Beolab 200 is a link-speaker, so ther is only a ML connection on it.

          But you can buy a adapter cable to have a jack-connector, I boght one to to connect to my PC.

          I little hussy to start it with the Beo4 (key the follwing: MENU-0-9-GO-^-CD-CD), but it works perfectly.

          Hope this give you more to use this robust, quality speaker (I have 4 at home (kitchen, bathroom, office and a spare ..)



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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