Beolab 19 Material?

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      Question about the Beolab 19……What is the outer body of it made of? Aluminum or plastic? On the B and O page it is described as made from a solid piece of aluminum, and the colors are listed as natural, white, and black aluminum.  Also, in the first minute of John from Manchester’s video on the 19, he describes it as being extremely strong as it is made of solid aluminum.  However, on Geoff Martin’s page he has a an article discussing how B and O uses plastic to make and strengthen it’s speakers and has a cut away image of the 19 that appears to show it as plastic. Over on Discord there are multiple people who say it is plastic, or composite, and feels and sounds like plastic or composite. I am currently trying out a 19 and I thought it looked like aluminum.

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        I think its mostly made out of plastic, with a thin layer of aluminum on the outside. Sounds great – very happy with the one i got in black/brass

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