BeogramCD 6500 focus issues

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      Hi all,

      i have been working on my BG6500 cd player which displays problems with the

      focus offset / focus motor not active.

      going through the testmode procedure i can adjust the Focus off-set ad required.

      the laser current is correct – the voltage is set to about 46mV.

      after those adjustments the player performs as it should for a short while and after 2 or 3 discs playing nicely the same business.

      go back to service mode, adjusting…..etc.

      the servo board 30 had been recapped as well as board 5. All voltages are present, although some are on the lower tolerance limit.

      has anyone changed IC 6104 which includes the focus motor amp ??
      As I see it the focus offset voltage breaks down and after a short disc spin everything stops.

      What else is there I do not see ? Anyone ?? Pleease.


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        Hi All,

        I replaced IC 6104, readjusted the Focus Offset (=410mV), checked the laser current (=48mV) , replaced the drawer belt with an interims one until the original one will arrive.

        so far the player works fine again, although I am not entirely sure what impact exactly

        the new IC6104 caused ?!

        For now ‘case closed’


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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