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    Hi there, I was hoping that someone could help me on a few things.

    I have recently bought a Beogram 1200 and I have cleaned it all up and it is turning nicely.

    The stylus luckily seems to be there however I am not sure if it is working properly, here are a few of my problems:

    1. When I play a record the sound is very crackly, when I put a little pressure on the needle the sounds seems to pick up a little and is a little clearer?
    2. The sound is very quiet. This may be a problem of my next point.
    3. I have basically attached my Beogram to my Marantz stereo, with a simple 5pin din male to RAC plugs. The sound is very quiet, I have the stereo at full blast and hardly any sound comes out.

    So questions are: Is my stylus broken? DO I need to connect the Beogram to my Marantz in a specific way, using specific cables or an amp?

    I am not really sure where two start as I know it could be a few problems, but if anyone has any ideas then that would be great. Thanks in advance for your help


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