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      Hello to all in the group, I recently have taken on repairing a Beogram CDX, after doing some research on the common faults. Upon inserting a CD and pressing play, the disc spins for a short time, stop, then tries again to spin, then the disc stops. A very faint electronic sound is heard, then the question mark ‘?’ symbol appears.

      My first thought was to repair the vias on the decoder board. So I re-soldered/drilled all the vias, as well as all the 22uf caps, and one 1uf cap replaced.

      Same problem exists.

      As a side note, the laser is seen moving up and down 3 times, but the laser does not track at all. So a few questions, based on these observations:

      • Is the spindle motor faulty and need replacing?
      • Service manual says if the laser bobs up and down aprox 3 times, check around 4IC6202. How? No scope here.
      • There are some overheating marks on the power board (see photo) Would replacing caps on the power board help?
      • Does any work need to be done to the servo board? Are there known faulty caps on this board also?

      I recently managed to get the entire chassis apart, so I have access to all the components. Thank you in advance to anyone who is familiar, seen this problem before, or can recommend some next actions to take with the CDX repair.




    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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    Home Forums Product Discussion & Questions BeoGram Beogram CDX Repair

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