Beogram CD 7000 connection problems

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    Rob Plum
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      Hi, I purchased a Beogram CD 7000 CD player. Now I tried to connect it to my non-B&O, vz. Onkyo, amplifier, with a cable that leads from a 7 pole DIN to Cinch, but, alas, I don’t get any sound. What is the right way to connect my CD player to my Onkyo amplifier? Or do I need something else to make it work? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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        Wild guess: You bought a B&O “Aux In” cable, made to take a regular audio component into the Beosystem 7000?  If that’s the case, the cable you really want has the RCA/Cinch connectors wired to a different pair of pins inside the DIN.  Especially when dealing with sellers who don’t specify (e.g. third-party) I always advise buying a 4-RCA<–>DIN cable, which was made for Tape In&Out, that way you can’t go wrong — if there’s no sound, just pick the other pair of RCA’s!

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          Hello and welcome to Beoworld

          The DIN connectors use one pin for ground, 2 for left and right in 2 for left and right out, and the last two for data communication for control.

          Therefor it is possible that the cable you are using is not wire correctly for this usecase.

          In cases like this it is often recommended to get a cable like this where you can easily switch to the right pin configuration

          Hope this helps

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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