Beogram CD 5500, tray and cd ‘jumping’ problems

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      Beogram CD 5500, tray and cd ‘jumping’ problems.

      Hi I also have a full Beosystem 5500 and the CD player is not displaying tray and cd playback issues, it seems to have 2 symptoms.

      1. randomly from time to time the cd tray refuses to come out, or comes out really fast or sometimes very slowly, or part opens then snaps back shut. I have no idea what this behaviour is, i have looked at the belt but it seems ok (from what ive seen of other expamples or videos, this belt seems to need a little slack to generate some sort of momentum in the tray, correct?).

      2. the other random problem is the cd sometimes spins up noisily, and sounds like its jumping around inside the tray like a mexican jumping bean! All functions freeze on the cd player and i have to kill the power on it and wait for the disk to slow down before restoring power. I have looked at the tray clamping operation with lid off and it seems to be doing the correct motions and clamping down the CD, BUT, i suspect the cd clamp magnet might be at fault here (well it is about 300 odd years old!) and is not clamping down hard enough resulting in the cd jumping loose when spining up to full speed.

      some times both these problems happen together, other times its either one.

      eventually the player behaves after numerous power downs and restarts, then actually plays a cd.

      I have found some cds playe more reliably than others, namely ones that are a little thicker with printing on the top surface (Bladerunner sountrack), or maybe a little heavier. Though the problems above still happen, just less so.

      I would be very grateful for any advice how to resurrect this players reliability as its a great deck and i completely love the sound of my other Beo system 5500 hifi.



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