Beogram 8002 Diagnostics and repair


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      I am new to the B&O experience. I recently purchased a Beomaster 8000, Beogram 8002 and a Beocord 8004.

      The Beogram is not working properly.  Is there a Forum/web address here for diagnostic procedures?

      The symptoms are:

      1. BOcord disconnected from the wall and BEO 8000
      2. plugging in the 8004 into the wall, the platter starts spinning backwards and the LED display is not stable.. it flashes rapidly…
      3. connecting it to the BEOmaster has no effect on the operation.

      any assistance would most appreciated.

      Thank you.

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        That model has many electrolytic caps that by now have started to fail. That is usually the cause of it spinning backwards. You should start by replacing them in the power supply and motor/coil section. Once you’ve confirmed correct and stable voltages then you can see if there are other issues.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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