Beogram 6006/8000 issue (with video)

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      Hi, I recently acquired beautiful BEO set: Beomaster 6000, Beocord 6000, Beogram 6006 and Beovox S80 with stands. I have some issues with all of them and will start separate topics with hope for help.
      In this topic I would like to ask if any of you came along this set of issues:

      1. After connecting the power plug you can hear the platter motor and sometimes the platter do nothing, sometimes it spin very slow clockwise or spic fast anti-clockwise…
      2. After pressing start button arm starts moving for fraction of second and then quickly goes back and stops. I’m attaching video of what’s happening:

      Notes: I have changed tonearm motor belt – didn’t help with anything. Tachometer looks fine – I can’t see any issues with that – looks straight and the pattern looks nice and clean.

      Regards from Ireland

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        Sounds like there is an total recap service needed.

        Don’t forget the 47 uF in the uPC Can.

        Resoldering of all sockets ( pluigs) is also a good idea.


        Kind regards



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