Beogram 5005 troubleshooting help

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    I few weeks ago I moved my Beogram 5005 in the trunk of my car. Like a moron, I didn’t put it in transport mode. Worked fine prior to the move. Now, it starts up when I press the play button. The tone arm and the tracking arm move to the record and the needle drops. I can manually advance the tone/tracking arm and drop the needle also. All good. From that point, the record plays, but only the one groove that it is currently in, skips, then repeats playing the same grove. It does not advance at all.

    I though it was the bulb and or photo sensor so I bought new ones from Beoparts and just installed them. In the dark, I can see the faint glow from the rear of the tone arm, the the bulb is operational. It still has the same problem: Starts up fine, turn/lift buttons work correctly, I can drop the needle on the record and it plays…. just one groove. The arms still won’t advance under its own power while on the record. I am kind of at a loss. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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