Beogram 4002 – question about “45” switch

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      Joined a few days ago due to my latest toy – this is my first post.

      A few weeks ago, I acquired a 4002 type 5513.  I have replaced the belts, cleaned & lubed the sled rails and drive screw, cleaned/lubed the lift mechanism, adjusted the tonearm height and tracking force, and replaced some minor bits and pieces here and there.

      I have no way to listen to the unit, until I swap in new cables with RCA jacks (versus the cable with the Din connector) this weekend, however, all of the lights and functions “appear” to be working correctly. The only switch I am uncertain about is the 45 switch on the control panel.

      When I press the 33 switch, the platter spins, until I release the 33 switch – then the platter motor stops.  When I depress the 45 switch – the platter does not spin.  I can use the 45 switch to change between 33 and 45 rpm – once the unit is up and running, and has already selected 33 rpm.  Is this correct, or does something needs to be fixed?

      I have the original pamphlet that came with the 4002, and the 33 switch appears to be operating correctly.  The pamphlet does not really address the 45 switch except that it can be used to change speeds for “special” records – once the unit is up and running, but there is a mismatch between the usual speed and size of the record.

      I have looked all over the internet, and can not find any place to tell me if the 45 switch is operating correctly, or if I need to chase down a problem to get it working as originally intended.

      Any help is appreciated – thank you!

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        That is the correct operation of the 45 switch.
        The press of the 33 when the Beogram is not playing a record is to aid when cleaning a record.  It essentially overrides the “off” state and activates the platter motor…but only in 33.
        The 45 switch does not engage that function and only switches when the Beogram is on and either playing a record or searching for a record.


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          sonavor – thank you VERY MUCH – that is certainly good news.

          I REALLY appreciate your help!


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